“Zanzibar – An Island Paradise”

By: M. Jackson

April 23, 2020

standing in front of a very old baobab tree

Zanzibar is one of those places that it’s hard to get tired of. It is a beautiful, lush archipelago in the Indian Ocean, located about 24km off the coast of Tanzania (a country in east Africa). It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful blue waters ever seen. It is a small island (about 90km long and 40km wide), but still has enough for you to do and see. It also has a rich culture and the people are absolutely wonderful.

Needless to say, our family has traveled to Zanzibar three times. On our third visit we did bring friends along to experience it because I think our excitement poured into them after hearing us talk about it so much. (You can catch our vlog of that experience by watching the video posted at the bottom of this page or by clicking this link YouTube channel – Unapologetic Nomads.) On our first visit, we wanted to see what this beautiful island had to offer, so we indulged in a few tours while there and had the most amazing time. (You can find information about tours and other things in the article – “Things To Know Before Visiting Zanzibar, Tanzania”.)

We rented a beach house in the village of Kiwengwa and could have just lived off of the view. It seemed as if the ocean water colors changed each hour (clear to light blue to turquoise to blueish-green to sea blue). It was breath-taking! Our daughter played in the beach for hours each day with the local children.

Stone Town Harbor

enjoying a beautiful sunrise

conquering the giant baobab tree

beach house we rented (The ocean view is stunning!!)

If you visit, you want to try and experience the island as the locals do (eating from local spots and shopping with local vendors). It’s much better on the pocket, especially if you are travelling with a family. Besides, there’s no better way to really feel Zanzibar. If you have to have 4 or 5 star service and accommodations while there, then be ready to spend in U.S. dollars. Meals and drinks at local spots are usually paid in both local
(Tanzanian shillings) and U.S. currency and range from $5 to $10, but could be double or more at tourist restaurants and hotels.

lunch at the Sea Horse Restaurant on the beach in Paje

seafood dinner on the “Safari Blue” tour

on the Safari Blue Tour

beautiful handmade beaded bracelet from the Maasai people

walking through a local village to visit a friend

a bush baby – so cute!

We recommend Zanzibar to anyone who is into relaxing, fun and exotic adventures. It is a place that we can now scratch off our bucket list, but it remains on our list of places to go to unwind, to become one with nature and to reconnect with many wonderful people we have met there. It is definitely “An Island Paradise”!!

All pictures by: Unapologetic Nomads

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